Yellow Cow



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13 May 1997


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Swimming With Stephanie


My Mum's Keyboard

Yellow Cow is the 32nd episode of the original series. It first aired on May 13, 1997.


The Teletubbies have Tubby Toast and the Tubby Toaster makes an extra piece, which Noo Noo tidies up. The Teletubbies watch a video of the Funny Lady and a Naughty Yellow Cow. A voice trumpet appears and says the nursery
2 (2)

The Funny Lady in Yellow Cow.

rhyme called, "Ride A Cock Horse" making Laa-Laa joining in then she bumps into Dipsy. She and Dipsy do this again and bump into Tinky Winky and Po who are also joining in. They all do the nursery rhyme again and fall over. The Magic Windmill spins and the Tap Dancing Teddy Bear in his platform appears in Teletubbyland. The Magic Windmill stops spinning before Tubby Bye-Bye.

Featuring: Tamzin Griffin, The Children of Chater Infants School, Watford


  • Po was the boo shouter.
  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby.
  • Po has the TV Transmission in this episode.
  • The first segment is the same of Dirty Dog.
    • This is the first episode where Noo-Noo was Naughty.

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