What's That? (Delightful Dances and Silly Surprises)


Paul Gawith

Nigel P Harris

Bob Jacobs





What's That? is a Teletubbies VHS and DVD released in 2003 by BBC and Ragdoll Productions.

Featuring: Vinata Godbole, Radhika Bali, Anuska Mehta, Annabel Johnstone, Neiko Ali and Anthony Spiers-Fitzgerald

Teletubbies Everywhere- International Inserts: FINLAND- Yleisaradio Oy Finnish Broadcasting, CHILE- Discovery Networks Latin America/Iberia, TAIWAN- Public Television Service Foundation, RUSSIA- RTR


Teletubbies What's That? UK Cover


Teletubbies Everywhere Segments

  1. Ice Skating - Finland
  2. Autumn Leaves - Chile

Teletubbies Segments

US Version

Teletubbies Everywhere

  1. Balloon Umbrella - Taiwan
  2. Dog Training - Russia

Teletubbies Segments

  1. A Day for Dancing
  2. Voice Trumpet plays Church Bells
  3. Asian Storyteller (The Fox)
  4. What Color is Tubby Custard?
  5. Teletubbies Swapping Their Favorite Things

Special Features

Thumb IMG 0890 1024

Title Card

  1. Puddle


Teletubbies - What's That? (UK Version)54:27

Teletubbies - What's That? (UK Version)

UK Version

Teletubbies - What's That? (US Version)01:05:38

Teletubbies - What's That? (US Version)

US Version


  • The UK cover is Red and Po is the closest.
  • The US cover is Yellow with Laa Laa as the closest.
    51XU83kk5AL. SL500 AA300

    Teletubbies What's That? US Cover

  • Laa Laa was the boo shouter

    US VHS Cover

  • This was the last VHS to use the Warner Home Video logo with the AOL Time Warner Byline
  • Po was the missing teletubby

Cover gallery

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