Teletubbies- Washing the Elephant - HD Video

Teletubbies- Washing the Elephant - HD Video

The Teletubbies run indoors and then run out again to watch Andy Brown and Georgina wash a female elephant called Anna. Laa-Laa and Dipsy have a messy accident. They both tread in some Tubby Custard, so the Noo-Noo tidies up, again and again. All the Tubby Custard gets mixed up inside the Noo-Noo and he shoots all out onto the doors.

Featuring: Andy Brown and Georgina Day

Plot (US Version)

The Teletubbies march down the hill saying eh-oh, they march back up the hill saying eh-oh. Then the windmill starts spinning and they run off to watch Andy Brown and Georgina wash an elephant called Anna. Then, Laa Laa makes some Tubby Custard, and she suddenly had an accident, she accidently spilt her Custard on the floor with the bowl. Then Dipsy comes in and he had an accident too. He accidently stepped on the custard. Then, they call the Noo Noo and he tidies up the custard off Dipsy's feet, and Laa Laa's feet, again, and again. Then, the Noo Noo tidies up the Tubby Custard. Clever Noo Noo. Then, Dipsy and Laa Laa chases the Noo Noo. Then suddenly, all the Tubby Custard got mixed up inside the Noo Noo and so, he shoots all out onto the doors. Then, the Teletubbies does The Stamping and Stepping Dance before the windmill spins, and they run down the path to watch The Three Ships sail through Teletubbyland before the sun giggles for Tubby Bye Bye.

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Andy Brown.


  • Tinky Winky was the missing Teletubby in UK Version. Po was the missing Teletubby in US Version.
  • Dipsy was the boo shouter in UK Version. Tinky Winky was the boo shouter in US Version.
  • In US Version, after the Stamping and Stepping Dance, the windmill spins, and there is a video clip after the Jumping Dance (second version).