Walking in different directions is A Teletubbies segment, it first appeared in Making Flowers and later in Numbers 8 and The Pier.


The section begins with the Teletubbies appearing onscreen and say Eh-Oh! then Tinky Winky walks to the other side and says Eh-Oh! To the rest of the Teletubbies, then he Does it again 2 more times, then the Teletubbies walk in different directions then Tinky Winky changes direction after A few times and then all of the Teletubbies fall over and they have A Big Hug, then suddenly, the Magic Windmill starts to spin, the Teletubbies then say Uh-Oh! And run off to see the Magical Event


In Numbers 8 and The Pier, the TV Transmission event replaces the Magical Event and in addition, the Normal animation plasters the Start Spinning animation in Numbers 8 and the Pier.

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