Wait for it
Wait For It



Air Date

28 January 2016


Richard Bradley


Train Ride



The Teletubbies wait for tubby toast then the Magic Windmill spins and the Teletubbies watch a boy in Tummy Tales waiting to cross a road with his granddad and waits for a bus. Then they wait for the Tubby Phone to be answered and it is Dipsy's turn to do the Tubby Phone dance.


  • This is the twenty-fourth episode of the new series.

Goof:TV Guide states that the Tiddlytubbies are in this episode, but they do not make an appearance, nor are they mentioned.

  • Laa Laa was the missing teletubby
  • Po was the boo shouter but Dipsy said goodbye for a final time
  • This episode aired in the US on June 23, 2016.

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