Rohan Anthony Hordern

aka Rohan

  • I live in Miriam vale, Queensland australia. (I have a canadian/American accent)
  • I was born on September 2
  • My occupation is School, Toy buyer.
  • I am A boy, of course.
  • Rohan Anthony Hordern

    Hey, Guys, From july 6 2016, I bought the new Teletubbies Toys! i also saw finding Dory on that day. I finally get my hands on them. The toys i got are:

    Dipsy plush

    Four figure family pack

    And a Tubby custard train.

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  • Rohan Anthony Hordern

    hey everyone, I found new teletubbies pngs from the nickelodeon greek website. I am happy to share them with you, you might use them for your own wallpaper.

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  • Rohan Anthony Hordern

    Hey, guys. happy easter! um, i want to give you a easter gift, called a teletubbies characters wallpaper. it looks kinda shabby, but it's okay. i hop you got so many easter chocolate. i had a lindt gold bunny! so good! i will show you the Pngs i made. i also made the animal parade animals, but there isn't much room for the teletubbyland.

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