Tummy Tales is a segment that appears in every episode of the 2015 series. It is an updated version of the TV Events in the original series. The segment opens with the Teletubbies having a big hug and they fall down as The Magic Windmill chooses which Teletubby might have a TV transmission. They gather up to choose which of them have a TV transmission and the windmill sparkles (with some stars) changes the colour of the Teletubby (purple, green, yellow, or red) depending on the chosen Teletubby. and as the chosen Teletubby have a TV transmission, a play button appears and the other Teletubby touches the screen on the tummy (acting like a touch screen tablet) and the video will play featuring real children of the world. Like the TV Events in the original series, after the video ends, the other Teletubbies want to see this video again and chosen Teletubby will play the video one more time.


  • Unlike the original series when the video ends the 2nd time, it cuts straight to the sun baby without a fade affect.
  • The chosen's Teletubby's play button on the tummy screen is a reference to the YouTube play button.