Laa-Laa and Po activating the Tubby Toaster.

The Tubby Toaster is a machine that makes Tubby Toast. The Teletubbies can activate it by pressing the button on the side and the Toaster will be heard for a few seconds until pink lights light up. After it happened, Up to four pieces of Tubby Toast fly into their plates (sometimes the Tubby Toaster goes crazy when something went wrong with the electricity) and the Teletubbies will enjoy the Toast. The same thing happened in a segment called "The Tubby Toast Accident." Also in Uh-Oh! Messes and Muddles, Laa-Laa and Po want to have Tubby Toast, but they accidentally spread too much Tubby Toast all over the table and they giggly say "Uh-Oh!". Po giggles. She says "Uh-Oh!" and giggles when the Tubby Toast comes out. Laa-Laa says "Oh no!" and giggles. She is more giggling when they almost get her. Then the Narrator says "Oh Dear. What a mess". They say "Oh dear. Uh-oh!" and giggle a lot more.

In the new 2015 series, the Tubby Toaster is no longer made out of metal, it is now Orange and Yellow and curved and the Pink Lights in the middle have been changed to Red Lights and had Yellow Lights going around the sides. It does have button to turn it on, but the Teletubbies are never seen pressing it.

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