The Teletubbies with their Tubby Sponges.

The Tubby Sponges are located at the Control Panel. The Teletubbies use them to clean them selves. Each Teletubby has their own pink sponge. If you go on the Teletubbies PBS Kids site and enter the Superdome to play Tubby Sponges. Tinky-Winky's spongecase is purplish blue, Dipsy's is green, Laa-Laa's is yellow and Po's is reddish pink. The Tubby Sponges are locked in the Sponge Cases, to unlock them, one of the Teletubbies talks into a little microphone beside them asking for the Tubby Sponges, then they wait for a few seconds and the cases light up and make noises, and then the Tubby Sponges are ready to take out.

The Teletubbies also have a little song when washing themselves, "Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash". Occasionally, a Voice Trumpet will either sing the song with them or tell them which body parts they need to wash.

The Teletubbies use the Tubby Sponges episodes are:


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