The Teletubbies with their Tubby Sponges.

The Tubby Sponges are located at the Control Panel. The Teletubbies use them to clean them selves. Tinky-Winky's spongecase is purplish blue, Dipsy's is green, Laa-Laa's is yellow and Po's is reddish pink. The Tubby Sponges are locked in the sponge cases. To unlock them, one of the Teletubbies talks into a little microphone beside them asking for the Tubby Sponges. Then they wait for a few seconds and the cases light up and make noises, and then the Tubby Sponges are ready to take out.

The Teletubbies also have a little song when washing themselves, 'Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash'. Occasionally, a Voice Trumpet will either sing the song with them or tell them which body parts they need to wash.

The Teletubbies use the Tubby Sponges episodes are:


  • The Tubby Sponges are not in the reboot series.
  • Before the Tubby Sponges were introduced, the sponge cases had pictures of coloured hands on them instead. They can only be seen in the episode The Helicopter.