Tubby Custard Ride (Right)

The Tubby Custard Ride is a new object that appears in the new 2015 Teletubbies series. It is a redesigned version of the Tubby Custard Machine that looks like a train.

It has spinning chairs, lights and a funnel. On the front of the Machine, there is a smiling face with blue eyes, red eye brows and a big red mouth (It does not speak)

The Tubby Custard Machine makes Tubby Custard through the Tubby Custard Ride. The Teletubbies sit in their chairs and the smiling face raises it's eye brows and mouth. Then a big bubble comes out from the funnel and the ride starts. Bubbles come out of the funnel and the ride goes around the Tubbytronic Superdome and even outside.

While the Teletubbies are on the Tubby Custard Ride, a special song plays.

The Tubby Custard Ride made it's first appearance in Babies.


Series 1

Series 2


  • Custard Chaos is the first episode where the Tubby Custard Ride goes outside.
  • In Trailer, Noo-Noo goes on the Tubby Custard Ride.
  • In Greens, the Tubby Custard Machine makes green custard from the green beans that Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po picked.