Too Much Tubby Custard, Po! is a segment in Teletubbies. It is the main segment of this episode, Feeding My Baby Sister.


Inside the Tubbytronic Superdome, the Noo-Noo is cleaning up the house and when it hears Po and Dipsy, it rolls away. Dipsy and Po arrive at the backside of the house and say, "Eh-Oh!" to the audience, then by themselves. They then give a big hug. It was time for Tubby Custard, and the two Teletubbies went through excitement. Po runs to make Tubby Custard, while Dipsy lays low and sits on his seat to wait for his Tubby Custard. Po wears her apron and begins while going to the Tubby Custard Machine.

Po presses the switch, and presses the button to open the Tubby Custard cup door. She then pulls the lever to make the Tubby Custard Dispenser to go down. She says. "Tubby Tustard!" to Dipsy, to which he responded back. Po presses the red button to fill the cup with Tubby Custard. Dipsy and Po were excited. Po grabs her Tubby Custard, and the dispenser and plate automatically goes back to their normal spots. She walks to the Tubby Table and says, "Tubby tustard, tubby tustard!" She sits on her seat, and begins sipping the Tubby Custard. Dipsy feels confused and worried.

Dipsy did not have his Tubby Custard. He didn't know Po could sip it all. So Po had to say, "Uh Oh!", and she went back to get Tubby Custard for Dipsy. She prepares the Tubby Custard, goes back to her seat, and begins sipping the Tubby Custard, again. Dipsy feels worried again. He did not have his Tubby Custard! Po says, "Uh Oh!", and promises Dipsy that his Tubby Custard will be ready.

Po goes back to the Tubby Custard Machine. Dipsy did not leave his Tubby Custard, and does the same steps all over again. Po says, "Tubby Tustard!" to Dipsy, and he, feeling jumpy responded back. Once finished, Po goes back to the dining area, and sits on her seat. Feeling fooled, Dipsy says, "Uh Oh!" Po attempts to sip, but remembers that Dipsy wanted some Tubby Custard. She says, "Uh Oh!" and stands up. Po gives Dipsy the Tubby Custard, and Dipsy finally has a cup of Tubby Custard. Dipsy sips the entire thing to his mouth, After he finishes, Dipsy and Po dance saying, "Tubby Custard! Tubby Custard!" Po wants a big hug. Dipsy wants a big hug too, so Po and Dipsy all give a big hug and wiggle their backs.

The Magic Windmill begins to spin, and Po and Dipsy say, "Uh Oh!" They run outside the superdome, and the Magic Windmill stops spinning.


  • This segment might be a follow-up to the episode's opening segment, Dipsy's Breakfast, as he was interrupted by the Magic Windmill when preparing for the Tubby Custard and that he needed Tubby Custard in this segment.
  • Dipsy sits on his seat without an apron on. When Po says "Tubby Tustard!" to Dipsy, he magically has his apron on.