Tinky-WinkyXDipsy is the relationship between Tinky-Winky and Dipsy.


  • Tinky-Winky and Dipsy are both males.
  • They're both taller than Laa-Laa and Po.
  • Tinky-Winky is purple and Dipsy is green, which are both cool colors.
  • In Ice Skating, Dipsy shared his Tubby Custard with Tinky-Winky, who didn't have any in his bowl.
  • Whenever Tinky-Winky gets the TV Transmission, Dipsy stands next to him. Whenever Dipsy gets the TV Transmission, Tinky-Winky stands next to him.
  • In the reboot series, when Dipsy gets the TV Transmission, Tinky-Winky presses the 'play' button on Dipsy's tummy.
  • In the theme song in most episodes, Tinky-Winky comes out before Dipsy. And in some episodes, Dipsy comes out before Tinky-Winky.
  • Whenever Tinky-Winky, Laa-Laa or Po is the boo shouter, Tinky-Winky jumps into the hole before Dipsy. Whenever Dipsy is the boo shouter, Dipsy jumps into the hole before Tinky-Winky.
  • In Our Dog Alice, Dipsy and Tinky-Winky pet the dog that appeared from far away.
  • In Ready, Steady, Go! and Go! Exercise with the Teletubbies, Tinky-Winky and Dipsy listened to the Voice Trumpet sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes outside.
  • Tinky-Winky and Dipsy's seats are on the left side of the Tubby Table.
  • In On Top and Underneath, Tinky-Winky says 'Eh-Oh' to Dipsy, who was on top of the Home Hill.

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