The segment of tinky winky's heavy bag begins when we see Tinky-Winky eating tubby toast. He said "eh-oh" to the viewers, and he continues to eat his toast.The Noo-Noopasses by and then the narrator says "One day in Teletubbyland,Tinky Winky was too full up to finish his tubby toast". Tinky Winky then puts the toast in his bag to save it for later. Then, he goes out the Tubbytronic Superdome to go on a walk. In the next scene we see Dipsy's Hat. Tinky Winky then he puts in his bag as well. Going along with Tinky Winky again, we see him approach Laa Laa's ball and then he attempted to put it in his bag, and surprisingly, It fits. Then Tinky Winky approaches Po's scooter and he then put it in the bag. Then the bag was too heavy for Tinky Winky to carry it. Then he remembers what is in the bag. The other teletubbies starting with Laa-Laa, find out that their magic items are gone. Dipsy said he lost his hat and Po has his her scooter. Tinky Winky then says uh oh, and he decided to take the items out the bag. then everyone was happy to have their items again. Then some [[Tubby Toast] went knocking in Tinky winky's bag. And then Tinky Winky took it out. And the segment ends.

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