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Tinky-Winky showing his dance.

Tinky winky with tutu hair

Tinky-Winky's Special Dance is a Teletubbies segment. It appears in Hanukkah and the US Version of Irish Dancing and Ballet and Goats and Yoga and Rumble Tumble Fun and Cuddles Gets Lost.


One day, in Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky was wearing the skirt, ready to do his special round and round dance. So Tinky Winky starts dancing when he gets inside the Home Hill, then he goes outside dancing in front of the doors. Soon, he rips off his skirt and his skirt got stuck when the doors are shut. Tinky Winky wondered where the skirt have gone? Tinky Winky looks at the skirt that is stuck in the doors. Tinky Winky quickly opened the door when he got the skirt. Tinky Winky dances somewhere else. Meanwhile, Tinky Winky arrives at the trees ready to do his special round and round dance again. So Tinky Winky dances around the tree. But most of all, he wraps his skirt off around the tree. Tinky Winky wondered where his skirt is. Tinky Winky realized that he left the skirt around the tree, it was stuck on the tree. So Tinky Winky gets his skirt, and he dances somewhere else. Inside the Home Hill, Tinky Winky was ready to do his special round and round dance again. So Tinky Winky starts dancing around the Home Hill as the Noo Noo watched him. Suddenly, the Noo Noo decided to tidy up Tinky Winky's skirt. Tinky Winky wondered where the skirt have gone. Tinky Winky looks at the Noo Noo because he tidied up the skirt. Naughty Noo Noo! Tinky Winky chased the Noo Noo around the Home Hill. But then, the skirt felt rather tickly inside the Noo Noo. So the Noo Noo blows the skirt onto Tinky Winky's head and that made Tinky Winky laugh. What a very special way to wear the skirt. Then Tinky Winky thanked the Noo Noo, and he happily run outside. When Tinky Winky is outside, he was wearing his skirt in the very special way, doing his special round and round dance in a very special way. Then Tinky Winky dances in the very special way. While he's dancing, Dipsy and Laa Laa and Po came to watch Tinky Winky as he show them his dance. After that, Tinky Winky bows himself as his skirt blows out of Tinky Winky. The other Teletubbies laugh and cheer at Tinky Winky. The Teletubbies love each other very much. Then, the Magic Windmill start spinning and they go to the Magical Event.


  • The segment also appears on the US Version of Fancy Dress and Rangoli, but this segment on the US Version of Rangoli was shown after the Rabbits song. but unsure which DVD it appears in.
  • This is the only segment where the Noo-Noo tidies up the skirt.
Teletubbies- Hanukkah - HD Video24:23

Teletubbies- Hanukkah - HD Video


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