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"Look! My hat! My ball!"

Tinky-Winky's Heavy Bag is a segment in Teletubbies. It was featured in the episode, Delilah Packing, and the VHS, Here Come the Teletubbies.


Tinky-Winky is eating Tubby Toast and says "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. But he's all full up, so he puts the Tubby Toast in his bag to save for later.

Bag book

Tinky Winky's Bag Book (1997)

He goes outside and has a walk while carrying his bag. Tinky-Winky approaches Dipsy's Hat and puts it in his bag. He begins walking again.

As he walks across the fields, he notices Laa-Laa's Ball. So Tinky-Winky begins to put Laa-Laa's Ball into his bag, but the ball deflates to make it fit. He carries his bag, and begins walking again.

Tinky-Winky notices Po's Scooter while he walks up the path. He picks it up, and uses enough strength to put the scooter fully into the bag. Tinky-Winky tries to carry the bag, but he can't as it feels rather heavy. He can't remember what he put in the bag! So Tinky-Winky has a look inside. When he finishes looking, he says, "Uh Oh!" So he remembers that he put Po's Scooter inside the bag. Tinky-Winky looks again, and says, "Uh Oh!" He now remembers that he put Laa-Laa's Ball inside. Tinky-Winky looks again, and says, "Uh Oh!" for the third time. He remembers he put Dipsy's Hat in.

Meanwhile around the fields of Teletubbyland, Laa-Laa's looking for her ball. Po's looking for her scooter, and Dipsy's looking for his hat. But they don't know where their favourite things are. So Tinky-Winky then decides to take everything out of the bag. He picks up Po's Scooter first with his strength, then Laa-Laa's Ball in which the ball slowly inflates by itself, and then Dipsy's Hat. Tinky-Winky closes his bag. Dipsy notices his hat, and begins running for it. Laa-Laa sees her ball, so she runs too. And Po saw her favourite scooter and runs. The three Teletubbies run for their favourite things. All the Teletubbies play with their favourite things, when suddenly something is heard in Tinky-Winky's bag. He still has something in his bag. Tinky-Winky opens the bag, and finds...his Tubby Toast he didn't finish and saved for later. The Teletubbies cheer, but Tinky-Winky decides to save for later and puts it back to his bag, much to the Teletubbies' (including Tinky-Winky) dismay. The Magic Windmill spins, and for the last time, Tinky Winky says "Uh Oh!" along with the other Teletubbies and see The Singing Puppet Man.

Alternate Ending

In the VHS, the Baby Sun replaces the Magic Windmill.


  • Along with the segment being shown on Here Come the Teletubbies, a book based on this segment was released in 1997, simply titled 'Tinky Winky's Bag'.
  • In real life, Laa Laa's big ball wouldn't fit in Tinky Winky's bag and even if it did, it would bounce straight back out. Same would go for Po's Scooter it wouldn't really fit in his bag. It would have been stuck.