Time for Tubby Toast

For the first time, it was time for Tubby Toast.

Time for Tubby Toast is the very first segment in Teletubbies. The segment occurred in Ned's Bicycle, and Here Come the Teletubbies.


We are introduced in the Tubbytronic Superdome, a house that is shaped like a grassy dome on the outside, but technological on the inside, with lots of contraptions on a Control Panel and what appears to be a machine that acts like a dispenser. Then Tinky Winky suddenly appears while coming down on a pink slide. Then Dipsy, then Laa-Laa, and then Po!

They all arrive as a group at a machine that we've never seen before, and say "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. While they're wandering about, a narrator suddenly says that "It was time for Tubby Toast." Laa-Laa first hears this and all of the Teletubbies cheer as they enjoy some Tubby Toast.

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po all sit down at the table while Laa-Laa readies herself and pushes the button that sets up we now know as the Tubby Toaster. Laa-Laa goes to her seat and they all see the toaster in motion. One of the five lights light up as they pitch higher when another lights up, with a train whistle and a drumroll accompanying it. All of the lights are lit, and a brass instrument plays two notes in low tone. But suddenly, a Tubby Toast flies out of the toaster and lands on Dipsy's plate!

An excited Dipsy yells, "1!" and the other three cheer. The brass instrument plays again and another toast flies out and lands on Tinky Winky's plate this time. Tinky Winky says "2!" and briefly giggles. Another Tubby Toast flies again and lands on Po's plate, with Po saying "3!" and cheering. And a Tubby Toast flies out of the toaster and lands on Laa-Laa's plate and Laa-Laa finishes with "4!" All of the Teletubbies eat their Tubby Toast when they are interrupted by weird whooshing. The Teletubbies look out the window and see the Magic Windmill spinning with pink sparkles. They stop eating and look at the audience, as they say "Uh Oh!" and leave their home at the back door. The door closes slowly as the Teletubbies all leave, and the episode's TV Receiver Sequence begins.


  • A similar segment appears in the episode The Beach, Most of this segment is used, but the scenes Where the Voice Trumpet rises and makes ocean sounds is exclusive to this episode, and to add this, the Normal Window animation(zoomed in) plasters the Original Window animation.
  • In the Here come the Teletubbies VHS, The Windmill is silent, to add this, A different opening shot is used for this segment in the VHS, and also the Scene showing the Tubby Custard Machine is removed.
  • A scene of the Teletubbies getting out the door for TV Reciever Event is shown in this segment, it's also shown in The Beach, Tweet Tweet and Amy's Pasta.


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