The Magic Flag is a book based on the segment The Magic Flag and the episode Ned's Bicycle.

The magic flag

The Cover

Plot: Po Finds a flag and asks What's that?. It was a flag.Po marched Around the flag. Popped out the end of the flag out of the grass.Po Marched off with the flag. Meanwhile , Tinky winky is out for a walk when he saw something over the hill. He Asked What's that? Po Walked over the hill and said hello to Tinky Winky.Po says to tinky winky what it is.Tinky Winky Then joins Po's Marching with the flag. They Marched Over the hill, between the trees, Past Dipsy and Laa Laa and into the house.But when they try to go in the house - bonk! Tinky winky and po say Again Again.Dipsy and Laa Laa wonder where tinky winky and po where gone.then they see the flag on the top of the house. Tinky winky and po come out of the house for a big hug!

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