The extra piece of Tubby Toast is a segment from the Teletubbies. It appeared in the episodes Yellow Cow, Dirty Dog and the US Version 2 of Numbers - 6


The Teletubbies go down the slide and say "Eh-Oh!". Then, the Narrator announces that its time for Tubby Toast. They activate the Tubby Toaster, the five lights activate and four tubby toast come out and go on each tubby plate. The Teletubbies start to eat their Tubby Toast but the Tubby Toaster malfunctions and makes an extra piece. There are five pieces of Tubby Toast on the table, Tim Whitnall counts them, then he asks "Who's going to eat the extra piece?" and all the Teletubbies shake their hands until is too late, the Noo-Noo tidies up the extra piece of Tubby Toast. Naughty Noo-Noo! The Teletubbies chase him around the house but the Windmill interrupts them.