Teletubbies walking dance
Teletubbies Tanzen im Gehen

Teletubbies Tanzen im Gehen

The Walking Dance is the fifth of the dances that the Teletubbies do. It was first shown in the episode See Saw, after the Teletubbies watch the Lion and Bear for the first time.

This is one of the few dances that has an extended version with a music key change.

The Teletubbies arrive at the top of a hill while the drums play. When the music starts to play, Dipsy walks down the hill, then Tinky Winky and Po, then Laa Laa walks down. They all walk left and right together, then they all line up together. They start to march up and down the hill. After that, Laa Laa calls Po who calls Tinky Winky who calls Dipsy to walk back up to the hill where they began the dance. But Po, Tinky Winky and Dipsy walk away leaving Laa Laa behind on the hill and the dance ends with her posing and cheering.

This dance has 3 different versions.

  • The shortened version with Laa Laa being left behind straight after the dance.
  • The extended version with the key change, Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po don't leave straight away and they all do the dance again.
  • The first version shown in the series, when the Teletubbies march up and down the hill the Sun Baby is shown and then the Teletubbies march up and down the hill again and the music has the key change.

The Walking Dance appears in some various episodes

  • See Saw (first version)
  • Rockpool (extended version)
  • Shadows (shortened version) 
  • Numbers 3 (Version 1) (first version)
  • Animals - Fish (shortened version)
  • Level Crossing (extended version)
  • The Pier (extended version
  • Cat's Night Out (extended version)
  • Ten Little Men Finger Play (extended version)
  • Ducks (shortened version)
  • Rickshaw (extended version)
  • Dance with the Teletubbies (first version)
  • Numbers 8 (US Version) (shortened version)


  • This is one of the two dances where Tinky Winky carries his bag with him for an unknown reason. The other dance is the Falling Down Dance.
  • In See-Saw, the Sun Baby giggles and the Magic Windmill stops spinning after the dance.