The Tubby Custard Cloud is one of the well-known Teletubbies segments. It is seen in the episode Swimming With Stephanie. It also appeared in the video Uh Oh! Messes & Muddles (Funny Day in the US)


The Teletubbies are seen lying down on a hill watching clouds in the sky. They see a big fluffy round cloud, then a thinner whispy cloud and a little puffy cloud floating by. Suddenly, the little puffy clouds floats down and into the back door entrance of the Tubbytronic Superdome! The Teletubbies run to the back door entrance, and to their surprise, they see a lot of clouds inside. In amazement, they go around feeling and trying to catch pieces of the cloud while also bumping into each other. The Noo-Noo looks around at all the pieces of cloud.

The narrator announces that it's time for Tubby Custard. Excited, the Teletubbies go straight to the Tubby Custard Machine without putting their bibs on. Tinky Winky goes first. The Teletubbies find it rather inconvenient for the Teletubbies to have a cloud indoors. Tinky Winky moves a piece of cloud off of his seat and sits down. Dipsy goes second. He has a cloud around his waist looking like he's wearing the skirt. Po goes third. She goes to her seat and has a long piece of cloud stuck to her elbow. Then Laa-Laa is last. However, a small piece of cloud gets stuck to her foot. She tries to shake it off, but then she ends up dropping her Tubby Custard and spilling it. The Noo Noo comes to tidy up all of the Tubby Custard. Then the Noo Noo tidies up all the clouds spreading around the Superdome. However, the custard and cloud start getting mixed up inside the Noo Noo. Then Noo Noo goes straight to the doors and blows out the cloud. The cloud is now pink, making it a Tubby Custard Cloud. The Teletubbis run outside to see the cloud. As it floats away, the Teletubbies and the narrator say bye-bye to the special pink Tubby Custard cloud. As the Teletubbies say bye-bye, the cloud floats away and then it's gone. The Sun Baby laughs and the Teletubbies do the Jumping Dance.

Alternate opening/ending

  • In Swimming with Stephanie, the segment opens with a montage of some rabbits. In Uh-Oh Messes and Muddles, the segment opens with one of the normal opening shots.
  • In Uh-Oh Messes and Muddles, once the cloud disappears, it cuts straight to the windmill spinning for the Magic House


  • While the Teletubbies prepare their tubby custard, they don't wear their bibs.


Credits to SuperJacDan

Teletubbies - The Pink Tubby Custard Cloud

Teletubbies - The Pink Tubby Custard Cloud