The Tubby Custard Cloud is one of the activities the Teletubbies do around Teletubbyland. It is the main activity in the episode Swimming With Stephanie. It also appeared in the video Uh Oh! Messes & Muddles (Funny Day in the US)


The Teletubbies are seen laying down watching clouds from the sky. The narrator explains what they're doing, and the Teletubbies look at the audience. Looking at the sky again, they see a big fluffy cloud, then a big whispy cloud and a big puffy cloud floating by. Do you know what happened afterwards? It went STRAIGHT to the back door entrance of the Tubbytronic Superdome! The Teletubbies then ran to the back door entrance, and to their surprise, they see a lot of clouds inside. Observing these, the narrator says it was time for Tubby Custard. Excited, the Teletubbies went straight to the Tubby Custard Machine without putting their bibs on. Tinky Winky went first, and when he went to sit, the narrator tells the audience that it was inconvenient to have clouds at a house. Dipsy went second. He has a cloud around his waist like a tutu. Po went third. She goes to her seat and has a cloud on her elbow. Then Laa-Laa went last. However, when a piece of cloud went on her left foot, she accidentally spilled her custard when the cloud on her left foot prevented her from moving to her seat! To her dismay, they have one solution. The Noo Noo! The machine sucks all of the Tubby Custard spilled, and then all the clouds spreading around the Superdome. However, once they're all sucked into the sucker, the Noo-Noo uncontrollably went berserk, and it dashes outside, forming a Tubby Custard Cloud! Surprised by this, the Teletubbies ran to where it went. The Teletubbies and the narrator said their goodbyes to this special cloud. Before it is flies away, Po said goodbye to it once more, and one final shot of the cloud flies away from Teletubbyland, and it was never seen again.

Alternate ending

In Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles, the camera goes straight to the TV/Magical Event Windmill animation for the Magic House.


While the Teletubbies were preparing their tubby custard, they didn't wear their bibs.


Credits to SuperJacDan

Teletubbies - The Pink Tubby Custard Cloud07:35

Teletubbies - The Pink Tubby Custard Cloud

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