The Teletubbies walk in and out of the trees is a Teletubbies Segment, it appeared in the episodes Feeding the Chickens, Naughty Cloud, Feeding Sheep in Winter, and the Dance with the Teletubbies VHS.


The Segment begins with the Teletubbies walking in and out of the trees for a couple times then they stop and say Eh-Oh!

The Magic Windmill Spins, the Teletubbies say Uh-Oh! and then they run off for the Television Transmittion sequence


In Feeding the Chickens and the Dance with the Teletubbies VHS, The Original Windmill animation appeared, in Naughty Cloud and Feeding Sheep in Winter, the Normal animation plasters the Original animation, to add this, in Naughty Cloud, the scene is mirrored.

Alternate Ending

In the Dance with the Teletubbies VHS, the Tap Dancing Teddy Bear replaces the TV Reciever sequence.

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