The Teletubbies Take Turns To Wear the skirt is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in  Numbers - 1 and Dance with the Teletubbies.


The segment starts when Po comes out of the house with the skirt. She says "Eh-Oh!" to the viewers. It is her turn to wear the skirt. Po rides her scooter and is ready. She does her special skirt dance. Po dances when Tinky-Winky  says "Eh-oh!" to the viewers. She finishes her skirt dance when he walks to and claps for and is proud of her. They give each other big hugs. Then it is Tinky Winky's turn to wear the skirt and he is very excited. Po takes off the skirt and then she says "E.R." to him and gives it to him. Tinky Winky is very happy and gives her a hug. He says "Bye-Bye" to Po. Po says "Bye-Bye" back. She hops on her scooter and rides away. After she leaves, Tinky Winky is ready. He does his special skirt dance spinning round and round. Along comes Laa-Laa. She is very proud of him when Tinky-Winky says "Eh-oh!" to her and they give each other a big hug. It is Laa-Laa's turn to wear the skirt, but Tinky Winky doesn't want to give it to her yet, he falls down like he's having a small tantrum but he gets back up and he takes it off and gives it to her. Laa-Laa says "Thank you, Tinky Winky" and she runs away. Tinky-Winky says "Bye-Bye, Laa-Laa" as he is standing alone. When Laa-Laa dances ballet, she does her special skirt dance. Dipsy comes in and says "Eh-Oh!" to the viewers. He loves watching Laa-Laa wear the skirt when she finishes her skirt dance. She says "Eh-Oh!" to him and he says "Eh-Oh!" back to her. Laa-Laa wants Dipsy to wear the skirt. She tries to make him wear the skirt, but he refuses and runs away. She chases him through Teletubbyland and then into the house wanting him to wear the skirt, placing it on him. Dipsy comes out of the house wearing the skirt. He is not happy with the skirt on him, but he does his special skirt dance and he dances and dances and dances... right out of the skirt. Dipsy is happy because he is all done dancing with the skirt and says "All gone! All gone!". He walks into the fields and runs off. He doesn't like wearing the skirt, but he likes watching the other Teletubbies wear the skirt. 


All the Teletubbies love wearing the skirt except Dipsy who doesn't like wearing the skirt. Instead, he just loves watching Po, Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa wear the skirt.

This is the only time Po and Dipsy wore the skirt.