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Here is the bonus Teletubbies Funding!

8th Funding (September 15, 2008 - August 31, 2010)

[Male Announcer] Major funding for the series is provided by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting... And by The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, for over 100 years providing business and personal insurance worldwide through independent agents and brokers... [Female Announcer] Major support also provided by The National Endowment for The Humanities, which supports scholarship, research, education and public programs... And by contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You! Thank You! [Male Announcer] This program is funded in part by The Northwestern Mutual Foundation. Some people already know, Northwestern Mutual can help plan for your children's education. Are you there yet? Northwestern Mutual Financial Network... Chuck E. Cheese's, proud supporter of PBS Kids. Helping children discover the fun of developing their bodies... and their minds. PBS Kids, Where a Kid Can Be A Kid.

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