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This is the Dancing Bear On My jonmon96 Account

The Tap Dancing Teddy Bear is one of the seven Magical Events. It features a yellow Winnie The Pooh look-alike teddy bear who wears a Charlie Chaplin like costume and black shoes. He tap dances in a small carousel. The Teletubbies are his biggest fans. Some of the Teletubbies fans think the bear is releated to Winnie the Pooh, because the bear is yellow.

The Tap Dancing Teddy Bear appears on some various episodes. They are:

The Grand Old Duke of York (US Version) (2 times) (missing teletubby was boo shouter was Po)

Painting with Hands and Feet(2 times) (missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/'Boo' shouter was Po)

Numbers - 1 (US Version)(2 times) (missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Larette Tap Dancing(1 time) (missing teletubby was Laa-Laa in UK/Boo shouter was Dipsy in the UK Version,Laa-Laa in the US Version) 

Humpty Dumpty(1 time) (Missing teletubby was Laa-Laa/Boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Jumping(2 times in the UK version and 1 time in the US version) (Boo shouter was Dipsy in the UK Version / Laa-Laa in the US Version)

Rockpool (US Version) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Yellow Cow(1 time) (Boo shouter was Po)

Mum's Keyboard (US Version) (2 times) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Strawberry Picking (US Version-1 time) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Arthur Robot Story(1 time) (Boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Music With Debbie (US Version-1 time) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Dancing Bear Beginning

Dandelion Clocks(1 time) (boo shouter was Dipsy)

Sandcastles(1 time) (boo shouter was Po)

Teletubbies - Dancing Bear04:04

Teletubbies - Dancing Bear

Pancakes(1 time) (missing teletubby was Po in both UK and US Versions/boo shouter was Dipsy in UK, boo shouter was Laa-Laa in US)

Music With Debbie 2 (US Version-2 times) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Dad's Portrait (US Version)(1 time) (Missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/Boo shouter was Laa-Laa/ with Po ending)

Good Morning(1 times) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Hanukkah(1 time) (boo shouter was Laa Laa)

Our Calf Treacle (1 time) (missing teletubby was Dipsy/boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Cafe Eggs(1 times) (missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Rolling (US Version)(1 time) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Chicks(2 times)

Football (US Version 1-boo shouter was Dipsy)

Sea Lions(1 times) (boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Making Salad (US Verison) (1 time) (Boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Haircut(1 time) (Boo shouter was Tinky Winky)
Dancing bear

Clogs(1 time) (missing teletubby was Po/Boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Basketball(1 time) (missing teletubby was Po/Boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Body to Body(2 times) (Missing teletubby was Po/Boo shouter was Dipsy)

Moon(1 times)

Carousel(1 times) (missing teletubby was Laa-Laa in US/Boo shouter was Dipsy in both UK and US Versions)

Ballet (US version) (1 time) (boo shouter was Tinky Winky)

Goats(1 time) (Boo shouter was Dipsy)

Going In and Coming Out (1 time) (Boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

My Pretend Friend(2 times) (missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/Boo shouter was Laa-Laa)

Crazy Golf(1 time) (Boo shouter was Po)

Dance with the Teletubbies VHS (twice) (missing teletubby was Tinky Winky/boo shouter was Po)

Teletubbies: Happy Birthday! DVD (once) (missing teletubby was Laa-Laa/Boo shouter was Dipsy)


The sketch starts with The Magic Windmill spinning for a lot longer than usual. The camera moves to the Teletubbies arriving at a place in Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies don't make any sound, and they did not say anything. The Baby Sun giggles (although in the first three episodes with the sketch, the Sun is quiet.) Soon the Teletubbies hear a galactic beeping sound and listen carefully in the hills shown after they arrive at the same place in Teletubbyland. The Magic Windmill can still be heard spinning in the background. The beeping noises continue as the Teletubbies venture off to the destination of the Magical Event. The Teletubbies arrive at a hilly and flat place in Teletubbyland, still watching and listening for the magic galactic beeps. Soon they see a tiny dot in the sky. The Teletubbies gasp in excitement as the magic dot gets closer and is revealed to be a magical flying blue and white carousel. It continues to make the galactic beep until it is very close to the ground. The excited Teletubbies watch it land as it spins and starts making a different sound. The gazebo lands on the ground and the Teletubbies then sit down around it. The blue walls of the carousel magically disappear and the Teletubbies happily watch as the gazebo reveals a yellow and "Winnie The Pooh-like" teddy bear in a Charlie Chaplin like outfit holding a walking stick and wearing a hat. The teddy bear spins round and then stops with his face covered by his hat. Jolly piano music starts playing, and the teddy bear stops bowing and his face is revealed from behind his hat, from up close. The teddy bear starts doing a tap dance which the Teletubbies watch quietly and happily. The bear tap dances around the carousel, in the carousel, outside the carousel and all over the place, making the Teletubbies smile. He then does his great, big finale dance and then bows in joy to the Teletubbies. The teddy bear freezes in his joyful bow and then the walls of the carousel magically re-appear. The Teletubbies sigh happily and then gasp as the gazebo takes off with the galactic beeps replaced with a joyful tune as it floats away into the sky, disappearing out of sight. The Magic Windmill stops spinning.


  • In the episodes Painting With Hands and Feet, Jumping, Circles, Hanukah, Chicks, Body To Body and My Pretend Friend and also on the VHS "Dance With The Teletubbies," the Tap Dancing Bear dances twice. After the Tap Dancing Bear bows, the Teletubbies cheer and as the gazebo begins to take off they say "Again! Again!" and they will let the tap dancing bear dance again.
  • In the episodes Larette Tap Dancing, Humpty Dumpty, Yellow Cow, Arthur Robot Story, Sandcastles, Pancakes, Haircut, Clogs, Basketball, Goats and Crazy Golf, the Tap Dancing Bear only performs once. After the Teletubbies arrive in the hills, the Magic Windmill can still be heard spinning. The music fades in and a beeping sound can be heard as the Teletubbies run straight on.
  • In the original 1997 episodes Painting With Hands and Feet, Larette Tap Dancing, and Humpty Dumpty, and also on the VHS/DVD Dance with the Teletubbies, when the Teletubbies rush off to see the Tap Dancing Bear, the scene of the sun is missing.
  • The Teletubbies' behinds don't make any noise when they sit down to watch the tap dancing teddy bear.
  • The same animation for the Tap Dancing Bear and the Gazebo is used from the Animal Parade.
  • The area where this magic event occurs is the same location as The Singing Man in the Pink House.
  • In Hannukah, Carousel and the US Version of Dad's Portrait, the Sun giggles for Tubby Bye Bye.
  • The UK version of Larette Tap Dancing and Going In and Coming Out are the only two episodes that have the event before the television transmission event.


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