Teletubbies Stamping & Stepping Dance

Teletubbies Stamping & Stepping Dance

The Stamping and Stepping Dance is the second of the dances that the Teletubbies do. It was first shown in the episode The Grand Old Duke of York. The Teletubbies do this dance on the path near the Windmill.

The Teletubbies meet up on the path while the drums play, then the music plays and the Teletubbies stamp their feet left and right, they march left and right along the path. They all step left, right, backwards and forwards, then they stamp and step round and round, and then they do the same thing again and after that, they pose and cheer and the dance ends.

This is the first of the dances that have an extended version with a music key change. In the extended version, the music key changes halfway through the second time that they dance.

Stamping and Stepping Dance appears in some various episodes


  • Piglets was the first episode where the Teletubbies started to giggle while doing the dance.
  • Hedgehogs was the only episode to have the Magic Windmill spin after this dance. The Magic Windmill spins for the Little Bo Peep magical event.