Teletubbies Skipping dance04:08

Teletubbies Skipping dance

The Skipping Dance is a dance that the Teletubbies do. It was first shown in the episode, African Dance. The Teletubbies do this dance inside the house.
Skipping dance


The dances begins as the Teletubbies march to the right at the front of the Control Panel. They all skip to the front, and they skip to the back a couple times. Then they skipped in a circle. They all skipped a step closer to each other, making a circle again, and they skipped a step back. Then they all skipped around separately. Together, they all skipped a couple steps forward and skipped a couple steps backward and then they repeat. They all started skipping to the left go around the house. At the end, Tinky-Winky realized that he wasn't with the others, so he turned back around. Then, the Teletubbies repeat the dance a few more times with different key changes.

Episodes that it appears in

  • African Dance
  • Carousel (US Version)


This is one of the three dances where the Teletubbies dance inside the house, the other two are the Follow the Leader Dance, and the Up and Down Dance.

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