Teletubbies - Magic House02:56

Teletubbies - Magic House

Teletubbies - Magic Event - The Magic House02:13

Teletubbies - Magic Event - The Magic House

The Singing Puppet Man is a character who appears in the Magical Event. He is a puppet who wears a blue hat with a red bobble and a blue coat. He likes to open windows, switch lights on and off and speaks in Gibberish (a nonsense language) from a close-up. He looks somewhat similiar to Tom from Tots TV and done by the same person who does him. He is shown to be cheeky and mischievous and somewhat creepy as he walks through the house, enters rooms, turns on the lights and his shadow is visible from outside, seeing him walk around like he's muttering, before turning off the light and heading to the next room. In the US version, he sounds a bit like a stereotypical Italian baby with his operatic voice. In the UK version he sounds like Tom from Tots TV speaking in Gibberish. He has a different voice in each window, on the Top Left Window, he sings with a very high voice, on the Top Right Window, he sing in with a very low voice, on the Bottom Left Window, he sings in medium voice that's not high nor low, on the Bottom Right Window he sings with a random voice. Its very rare that the puppet sings on the Top Left window, in most episodes with the magic event, the puppet sings on the Top Right Window. He is shown to be a minor antagonist in Teletubbies due to his creepy behavior and his mischief. He is known to be silly by some Teletubby Fans but the majority of fans just think of him as an Idiotic, Silly puppet. The Teletubbies enjoy] his operatic voice. The creators made him a very humourous character and the sketch is still shown on British TV, including American TV. He has a very bad habit of mumbling real nonsense to himself. He lives in the Pink House which has a number 4 put up on his red door disappears at the end of the sketch. He may be quite very scary to some. His voice still speaks. He is voiced by Robin Stevens In the UK version. In the US version, he is voiced by Dena Davis.

The foreign dubs of Teletubbies all use the UK voice by Robin Stevens.

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