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The Scary Lion

The Scary Lion (with Big, Scary Teeth) is one of the two characters in the The Lion And Bear Sketch. He is shown to be an antagonist

The Scary Lion

due to the fact he chases the Bear in the very spooky chase scene at the end on the original sketch. He is a very intimidating and very frightening monster in the original sketch. But in the edited sketch, he retains a much more humourous, jolly, and friendly personality. He is very scary in the original sketch as he made the Teletubbies scream and his roar so loud it makes clouds move and trees in Teletubbyland shake (which usually happens in an earthquake) in the infamous part where the Lion is coming after the Bear hides. In the edited sketch, his face still is creepy close up, but he is much more humourous, jolly, and friendly like a hyena (in 1 or 2 scenes on and off) as he speaks in a much more funny friendly sounding voice like Harry Hill on helium or Mr Lopart from Handy Manny (in 1 or 2 scenes on and off) and he has a very funny joker like attitude with his very funny "Meow!" Lions can't say "Meow!" in real life. He speaks with a Yorkshire or Lancashire-like accent. He is voiced by Eric Sykes. (1923-2012)


Appearance: Yellow Lion. Wooden, yellow body with brown eyes, tiny ears, larger brown nose, a mechanical mouth, long legs, blue skateboard, white teeth, brown/black claws

Friends: Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair, Teletubbies(in edited sketch).

Enemies: Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair (Original Sketch), Teletubbies (Original Sketch)

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Playing hide and seek with the Bear.

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