Silly Tinky-Winky

Silly Tinky Winky!

The Puddle is a segment in Teletubbies. It was featured in Playing in the Rain and Here Come the Teletubbies.


A cloud appears in Teletubbyland and starts to rain, which leaves a puddle. Po was riding on her scooter, when she stops and puts her scooter the floor and looks at the puddle. She knows that it's a big puddle. Dipsy then comes to the scene. Dipsy arrives when he accidentally steps on the puddle. Laa-Laa then comes to the scene.  Dipsy and Po tried to warn her too, but she stepped on the puddle without warning. 

Tinky-Winky then walks to the scene. He used his right foot, but sees the puddle, and successfully avoids it. The three Teletubbies sighed in relief. He purposely jumped into the puddle, and splashes his feet! The three Teletubbies laughed. When Tinky Winky sees his wet feet, he laughs and enjoys splashing his feet and returns to dry substance. Unfortunately, their fun ends when suddenly... The Magic Windmill spins, and the Teletubbies rush to see a magical event.

Alternate Ending

In Here Come the Teletubbies, the Animal Parade replaces the Three Ships.


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