Number 4

The Teletubbies and Number 4.

The Number 4 is a segment in Teletubbies that occurred in the episode Numbers - 4.


At a field, Tinky-Winky pops out of the hill to say "Eh-Oh!" Then Dipsy, then Laa-Laa, and Po...all saying "Eh-Oh!" when they pop out of the hill one-by-one. They all run offscreen and come up close to say "Eh-Oh!" altogether.

The narrator said that something appeared from far away. They lurk about to see that "something" until a giant number appears behind them on that hill. Laa-Laa starts laughing and all the Teletubbies laugh and roll around the floor guffawing about the giant number's appearance. The Baby Sun giggles by seeing what has happened, and the Teletubbies get up from the grass and look at the giant number again. They then turn to the audience and say, "What's that?" The narrator replies that it was Number 4. The Teletubbies "Oooohhh!!!" in astonishment and say the number 4.

After saying 4 many times, a Voice Trumpet suddenly rises beside the Teletubbies. The Voice Trumpet sings "1, 2, 3, 4, sing a song of 4!" The Voice Trumpet repeats it again until it shouts "4!" The Teletubbies respond by saying "4" as well. The Teletubbies sing what the Voice Trumpet sang two times until the narrator says, "Four Happy Teletubbies." The Teletubbies then repeat what the narrator said and giggle. Then the narrator says "4," with the Teletubbies saying "4" as well. The cycle repeats itself again until...

...for the third time in a row, the Voice Trumpet repeats itself and Teletubbies start growing confused, and later bored and tired when they repeat what the Voice Trumpet said. After the narrator said "Four Happy Teletubbies," the Teletubbies repeat in a bored tone. The Voice Trumpet repeats the cycle again! But the Teletubbies complain to themselves about the Voice Trumpet and that they don't want to hear it anymore. Moments later, Laa-Laa becomes frustrated and asks "1, 2, 3, 4, again, again?" The other Teletubbies repeat what she said, and seconds later, they said "Nah!" The Voice Trumpet once again repeats... The once-Four Happy Teletubbies became Four Frustrated Teletubbies when they hear the Voice Trumpet, but Tinky-Winky quickly has an idea: To run away!

The Teletubbies run away from the Voice Trumpet and the Number 4 as far away as they can, and they come to a stop, saying "Eh-Oh!" eventually turning the Four Frustrated Teletubbies into Four Happy Teletubbies once again. They look at four clouds in the sky and "Oooohhh!!!" in amazement. The narrator says "Four Clouds," and the Teletubbies repeat what he said. But the narrator says "4," and the Number 4 appears again! A different Voice Trumpet rises next to them as well, but this doesn't affect the Teletubbies' mood somehow. The cycle remains the same, but there's one difference. Instead of the narrator saying "Four Happy Teletubbies," he instead says "Four Clouds." As they repeat what he said, the cycle repeats again. However, Laa-Laa quickly realizes what the Voice Trumpet is doing and the Teletubbies quickly become flabbergasted. Dipsy says, "Run away!" and the Teletubbies repeat what he said and run as far away as they can from the Number 4 and the Voice Trumpet, when they stop as they see four beautiful flowers.

The Teletubbies gasp in astonishment as they come close to the flowers to look. The narrator counts all the way to four and says "Four Beautiful Flowers." The Teletubbies repeat in a happy mood, but once the narrator says "4," their happy mood instantly turns into a frustrated mood. A Voice Trumpet rises and the Teletubbies are now worried. The Voice Trumpet starts to tune and the Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" in response. As the cycle repeats itself, the Teletubbies become frustrated as usual, and Tinky-Winky decides to run away. In response, the other Teletubbies join with him to run away again.

They stop to see four rabbits, as told by the narrator. But the Teletubbies wonder where they could be. Dipsy eventually finds them and they walk to see the rabbits up close. The narrator counts the rabbits until he reaches "4," The Teletubbies count as well, until the Number 4 appears. The narrator says "4," and the Teletubbies look and say "Uh Oh!" A Voice Trumpet rises and the Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" again. The cycle repeats itself once again, but Po has had enough and says "Run away!"

The Teletubbies run away around the fields while the narrator counts "1, 2, 3, 4," then ending with "Four Teletubbies running," and then ending with "4!" as soon as the Number 4 appears. The Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" Tinky-Winky is at his wit's end, telling the Teletubbies to run away. They run to the audience as soon as a Voice Trumpet rises. The narrator says "Four Teletubbies Running," and the Teletubbies repeat what he said. The Teletubbies run away from the Voice Trumpet and the Number 4 as fast and far away as they can, until everything suddenly ends with the Number 4 disappearing without having the narrator to say that it's about to disappear. The Teletubbies think the segment is over...when it's not.

The Magic Windmill has spun, and the Teletubbies freeze and look at the windmill. The windmill slows down and stops, and the Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" in this manner, and walk down the hill to prepare for Tubby Bye-Bye.


  • In the ninth phase (the phase where the Teletubbies see the four rabbits), you can hear Laa-Laa say "No" when the Voice Trumpet says "4."
  • The Scene of the Teletubbies saying "Eh Oh!" was also featured in the "Teletubbies Say Eh Oh!" Music Video.