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The Magic House is one of the seven Magical Events. It features a Puppet Man who wears a blue hat and a jacket and speaks in gibberish from position of where he speaks of changes every time

The Magic House

this sketch was shown in each episode. He is known to be an antagonist due to his nonsense and very mischievous behavior. It was seen in the third episode The Grand Old Duke of York and seen on the VHS tape "Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles!" His voice is done by Robin Stevens who does Jim from Rosie, Grandpapa from Boohbah and Tom from Tots Tv. In the US version, Dena Davis does his voice.

The Singing Man in the Pink House appears on some various episodes. They are:

The Grand Old Duke of York (top left window)

Delilah Packing (bottom right window)

Emily and the Trap (bottom left window)

Mum's Keyboard (top right window)

Carnival (bottom left window)

Wake Up! (top right window)

Naughty Sock Returns (bottom right window)

Football (top left window)

Numbers - Four (Version 2) (bottom left window)

Blackberry Picking (top right window)

Wrapping (bottom right window) 

Uh Oh! Messes and Muddles VHS
Magic house
(bottom left window)

Hey Diddle Diddle (US Version) (top right window)

Urban Walk (US Version) (bottom left window)

Sing a Song of Sixpence (top left window)

Cuddles Poor Paw (bottom left window)

Numbers - 8 (US Version) (top left window)

Getting Up in the Morning (top right window)

Dog Kennel (bottom right window)

Running (US Version) (bottom right window)

Little Red Riding Hood (bottom left window)

My Home is a Boat (bottom left window)

Magical Surprises VHS and DVD (top right window)

Teletubbies: Happy Birthday! DVD (bottom right window)


The sketch starts with The Magic Windmill spinning for a little bit longer than usual. The Teletubbies arrive silently at a place in Teletubbyland. The Sun starts to giggle happily from above, in direct eye contact. There are no sounds coming from the event as in other sketches. Instead, the Windmill is still heard spinning. Despite this, the Teletubbies look around and then just venture off to the destination of the Magical Event. The happy and excited Teletubbies arrive in a hilly place and sit down on the first hill. A house magically appears in the distance above the horizon, on the last hill. There the camera zooms to a close-up. The house magically appears as a pink, brick, British-looking house (since Teletubbies is a British TV show) and a fast, jolly tune plays. Footsteps are heard and a shadow behind a window appears and turns on a light in a room while humbling to themselves. They then turn the light off and walk to the next room, doing the same thing. After walking, appearing behind a window, turning the light on, mumbling and then turning the light off and leaving the room, 3 times, the shadow walks to the last window, turns on the light and appears. The shadow then opens the curtains, revealed to be a puppet man wearing a blue and red bobble hat and blue coat. The puppet man then opens the window and the camera zooms in. The puppet man sings in Gibberish in an operatic voice (in USA he sings in English most likely on the US VHS Funny Day "Laaa laaaaa la la la laaaaa laaaaaa do re mi fa so la tee doooooooooooo!") and speaks joyfully ,beautifully and scary to the Teletubbies. The Puppet Has A Different Voice For Each Window On The Top Left Window He Sings With A High Voice On The Top Right Window He Sings with A Low Voice On The Bottom Left Window He Sings With A Medium Voice On The Bottom Right Window He Sings With A Random Voice. After the harmony, the puppet man then walks off, closing the window and curtains and then turning the light off. The pink house then disappears, first the frame and roof, then the windows, one-by-one, by the following order 1. Bottom right 2. Bottom left 3. Top right 4. Top Left and then the house has completely disappeared and the hill is visible again. The Magic Windmill stops spinning.


Teletubbies Magical Event The Magic House - Clip02:15

Teletubbies Magical Event The Magic House - Clip


  • In the picture link, it has the name Hamish, therefore this must be his name
  • The Singing Puppet Man in the Pink House is the second scariest Magical Event (Especially The UK Version) and the second best known Magical Event behind The Lion and Bear. (Original Sketch)
  • If you look very closely at the beginning of the segment, you can see Po standing at the side before the Teletubbies arrive to watch the event.
    • Also, there happens to be what appears to be a camera or a light at the left side.
  • In the US Version of the Magic House, the puppet sings with the same voice on each window, unlike the UK Version where he sings with a different voice on each window, making the magic event less scary than the US Version.
  • In Emily and the Trap, Delilah Packing, a fade effect is used after the Magical Event, in which the fade transitions to the Magic Windmill slowing down and freezing in place.
  • In Carnival, the Teletubbies' laughter from The Three Ships is used when they go straight on. They do not giggle when they see the house, however, they do in the other episodes that include the house.
    • Also, after the end of the event, the Magic Windmill stops spinning, but the sound heard when it stops spinning plays two times.
  • In Wake Up, after the Magical event, a fade effect is used to show the next segment.
    • Also, in the US Version of Wake Up, this magic event came before the TV Transmitter!
  • The Teletubbies' bottoms don't make any noises when they sat down.
  • Although it's scary, it does not have an edited sketch because it's not as scary as the lion and the bear (original sketch).
  • In Wrapping, The sun baby giggled for Tubby Bye-Bye after the Magical Event.
  • If you look closely on the man's head, you can see that he has orange hair. Most people do not notice that.
  • In Dog Kennel, the Magic Windmill stopped spinning. However, the Teletubbies did a dance afterward.
  • In My home is a boat, the sun screams then the Teletubbies did The Happy Dance.
  • It's very rare that the puppet sings in the top left window.
  • It's Very Rare That The There Is No Dance After The Puppet Sings On The Top Right Window.
  • It's also very rare that there's a stop spinning windmill after the Puppet sings in the Top Right Window.
  • It's Very Rare That The Puppet Sings On A Different Window Before A Dance. In Most Puppet Episodes. Before A Dance The Puppet Sings On The Top Right Window
  • It's Common that the puppet sings on the Top Right and Bottom Left windows in the US Verison of this. magic event.
  • For some reason or so common in US episodes. It's probably because of The Lion and Bear segments.
  • The Windows fade away in the following order at the end of the sketch 1. Bottom right 2. Bottom left 3. Top right 4. Top left.
  • In episodes where the puppet sings in the Top Left Window, the brown curtains are remained as the house vanishes, in other windows, the brown curtains fade to a blue background.

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