The original sketch starts with the Magic Windmill spinning with some creepy, scary and upbeat instruments playing over the usual soft magical tune. The Teletubbies arrive at their usual place in Teletubbyland. Once they arrive at their place, unlike in other Magical Events, the scene does not change to the sun with the baby face, but instead it changes to the Teletubbies looking around, and then, unlike in other Magical Event Sketches, they turn back towards the camera and say "Uh-Oh!" Normally, there are soft magic event tunes that play in the other sketches, but in this sketch, a scary tune is heard. While the Teletubbies jump up and down, the Bear then says in a haunting echoing voice: "It's The Bear! It's The Bear! And I'm coming!" The Teletubbies jump in fright and then run off to the destination of the magical event to a different way by heading down the path on the right instead of going straight on, then they sit down in front of some trees up a hill somewhere in Teletubbyland. On the ground, the Bear then repeats, "I'm The Bear! I'm The Bear! And I'm coming!" in a horrific sinsister voice, scaring the Teletubbies. After a short wait, she pops up out of nowhere and exclaims "I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear! With Brown Fuzzy Hair!" She wanders around Teletubbyland saying "I'll go running over here... and I'll go running over there!" which gives the Teletubbies a half-terrified laugh. She repeats her opening sentence again and hides around the hills laughing and saying "I'll hide over here... (She giggles) and I'll hide over there! Can you see me?" to the Teletubbies and the viewers. After another wonder around Teletubbyland she repeats her opening sentence a 3rd time and then states that she knows a "joke." As scary music plays, she hides behind a tree and pops out again. Her eyes roll in circles and she goes "Blub-a-lub-a-blub-a-blub!" whilst sticking her tongue out and making the Teletubbies laugh at her. She then repeats her opening sentence a final time and tells the Teletubbies and the viewers that she's hiding from the Lion but he doesn't know where. She then says: "Shhh!" to the Teletubbies and the viewers and goes to hide, waiting to perform her joke again. The Teletubbies then turn to the viewers and also go: "Shhh!" then they turn back and go: "Ooh!" There is a short and scary sequence showing Teletubbyland almost barren probably because the other residents are scared of the Bear and Lion. From the front view of a tree the Bear is hiding behind with 3 other trees on the right, three hills with flowers, a field with more trees and flowers, and finally a mirror image of the 4 trees in the scariest view possible. The Bear is hiding behind the tree on the far right. The Lion (not seen) starts growling and roaring so much that the clouds move and the trees bend and shake much to the surprise of the Teletubbies. This happens 3 times, with the Lion getting more viscious and angry each time. He then pops out of nowhere, like the Bear. He lets out a really scary growl and then says to the Teletubbies and the viewers: "I am the Scary Lion! WITH BIG SCARY TEETH!!" Tinky Winky(or Dipsy) screams and the other Teletubbies pretend to be frightened. The Lion then says "I'm scary on the top... and I'm scary underneath!" He then laughs, surprising the Teletubbies. The Lion then states, "I am The Scary Lion, as a matter of fact, I'm scary around the front... and I'm scary around the back!" He wags his tail, laughs, and growls, forcing the Teletubbies to laugh. He then wonders around Teletubbyland just as the Bear did and continues to growl and roar fiercely. Still growling, he passes the trees in the area where the Bear is hiding. She pops out from behind her tree quickly saying "Boo! Boo!" She gets back to hiding as a creepy tune is playing. The Lion growls and stops in front of the trees. He tells the Teletubbies (and the viewers) that he's looking for The Bear and he knows that she is hiding, but he does not know where. He wonders around Teletubbyland looking for The Bear. He looks around the hills and says "Can you see her?" to the Teletubbies and the viewers. He growls and then returns to the trees repeating "Where's the Bear?" three times. The Bear pops out twice, giggling. The Lion gets more and more viscious and angry each time until the Bear pops up and repeats her joke. The Lion sees her and cries, "There's the Bear!" The Bear replies "Catch me!" and they chase each other around Teletubbyland whilst the Bear continues to do the joke and the Lion growls and roars menacingly with the frightening music playing in the background. After they disappear, the Teletubbies all say in an excited and relieved voice "All gone!" and run away giggling. Finally, the Magic Windmill stops spinning.


The original chase starts after the Scary Lion is getting very annoyed and very angry because he can't find The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair. After searching Teletubbyland he says "Where's the Bear?" three times while the Bear pops out laughing and he sounds a lot more angry and vicious each time. The Bear then pops out and repeats her joke and the Lion says 'There's the Bear' before the Bear says 'Catch Me!' with the Lion growling in anger. The Teletubbies then lift their arms shouting. The bear does her joke as she runs past hills, through cuttings, on flat slopes, past trees and through Teletubbyland while the Lion continues to roar maniacally. The Bear then runs faster and faster before the Lion gives a very unsettling growl. The two characters then leave Teletubbyland with the Lion still chasing the Bear until they vanish, with the Lion's roar and the bear's joke still heard. Very dramatic upbeat music plays in the chase with its very spooky tension as the Bear runs away from the Lion, the camera moves uncannily to represent fear and the views of both characters are extremely spooky. After the chase when the characters disappear the Teletubbies all say 'All gone,' before running away up the path giggling, and they run all the way home, and the magic windmill spins and then stops.



Teletubbies Magical Event The Lion and the Bear - Clip

Teletubbies Magical Event The Lion and the Bear - Clip

UK only

Teletubbies - The Lion And Bear (Original Sketch)

Teletubbies - The Lion And Bear (Original Sketch)

Outside the UK


  • (Whooshing)
  • (Instrumental Creepy, Scary & Upbeat Music)
  • Teletubbies: Uh-Oh!
  • Bear: It's The Bear, It's The Bear! And I'm COOOOOMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!
  • (Teletubbies Giggling)
  • Laa-Laa: Run Away!
  • (Instrumental Music)
  • (Teletubbies Giggling)
  • Bear: I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear! And I'm COMING!
  • (Teletubbies Laughing)
  • (Instrumental)
  • Bear: I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear, With Brown Fuzzy Hair. I'll Go Running Over Here, And I'll Go Running Over There.
  • (Teletubbies Laughing)
  • Bear: I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear, With Brown Fuzzy Hair. I'll Hide Over Here, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha, And I'll Hide Over There. Can You See Me?
  • (Instrumental)
  • Bear: I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear, With Brown Fuzzy Hair. And I Know A Joke.
  • (Instrumental)
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • (The Teletubbies Laugh)
  • Bear: I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear, With Brown Fuzzy Hair. I'm Hiding From The Lion, But He Doesn't Know Where. Shhhhhhh!
  • Teletubbies: Shhhhhhhh!
  • Teletubbies: Oooooohh!
  • (Instrumental)
  • Teletubbies: Ooooooohh!
  • Teletubbies: Oooooooohhh!
  • Lion: I Am The Scary Lion! WITH BIG SCARY TEETH!
  • Lion: I'm Scary On The Top... And I'm Scary Underneath! (LAUGHS)
  • (Teletubbies Gasp)
  • Lion: I Am The Scary Lion, As A Matter Of Fact. I'm Scary Around The Front! And I'm Scary Around The Back! (Lion Chuckles and Growls) 
  • (Teletubbies Chuckles)
  • Bear: Boo! Boo!
  • Lion: ROOAARR!!
  • Lion: I Am The Scary Lion. (Laughs) And I'm Looking For The Bear. I Know She's Hiding But, I Don't Know Where.
  • Teletubbies: Woah!
  • Lion: I Am The Scary Lion And I'm Looking For The Bear. I'm Looking Over Here, And I'm Looking Over There. Can You See Her? (Growls)
  • Lion: Where's The Bear?
  • (Bear Giggles)
  • Lion: Where's The Bear?
  • (Bear Giggles)
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • Lion: There's The Bear!
  • Bear: Catch Me!
  • Lion: AAHHHAAA!!!!!
  • Teletubbies: HEY!
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • Lion: ROAR!
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • Bear: Blub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub-a-lub!
  • (Bear Razzling & Lion Roaring)
  • Teletubbies: All Gone!
  • (Teletubbies Giggling)
  • (Whooshing)


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