The Teletubbies - Happy Dance02:20

The Teletubbies - Happy Dance

The Happy Dance is one of the Dances that the Teletubbies do. it was first shown in the episode Looking for Rabbits.

This Dance starts with the Teletubbies having a Big Hug, then they walk forwards and backwards, turn around and move their feet and arms from side to side. Then they all follow Tinky Winky and they all wave their arms and lift up their legs, they each hold out their right arms and turn around. Then they all follow Dipsy and they move left and right while swinging their arms, then they sway their arms.
then they all follow Laa Laa and they start swinging their arms up and down and then they move up and down and forward and backward. Then they follow Po all the way back the hill where the Dance started, then they move into each other and then out two times and then they all end the Dance with a Big Hug.

This Dance doesn't have an extended version.

The Happy Dance appears in some various episodes:

  • Looking for Rabbits
  • Ballet Rhymes
  • Cows and Calves
  • My Home is a Boat
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Lets Dance


In Ballet Rhymes and Cows and Calves, after the dance has finished, the Magic Windmill spins for the TV Event

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