The Teletubbies decide to have Tubby Toast. Po pushes the button on the Tubby Toaster a bit harder and they wait for their toast to come out. When the Tubby Toaster lights up all the pink lights, the Tubby Toaster randomly shakes up and displays the lights all over it. The camera goes to the Noo-Noo where it wonders what was going on. After that, the Tubby Toaster became engulfed in smoke. Then, a giant piece of Tubby Toast comes out and lands on the middle of the table. First, Laa-Laa tries to take a bite, but she thinks it's too big. Next, Dipsy tries to take a bite, but he thinks it's too big. Next, Tinky Winky tries to take a bite, but he thinks it's too big. At last, Po tries the giant tubby toast and she thinks it's just right for her. She eats it all up. After that, she deserves a big hug. The Teletubbies then saw The Magic Windmill starting to spin, went out the house/dome for a magic event and the magic windmill stops spinning.

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