The flying toast

The Cover

The Flying Toast is a book based on the segment The Tubby Toast Accident from the episode Feeding The Chickens. It was released in 1997.


Laa-Laa feels like having some Tubby Toast. After the Tubby Toaster makes some Tubby Toast, Laa-Laa smells her Tubby Toast and it smells delicious. Meanwhile, Tinky Winky is out for a walk when he smells the delicious Tubby Toast. So he runs home and makes some Tubby Toast. But the Tubby Toaster starts making funny noises and then makes lots of Tubby Toast. The Tubby Toast flies everywhere. Dipsy and Po see lots of Tubby Toast flying out of the house, so they run inside to see what's going on. There's Tubby Toast everywhere. The Teletubbies start eating all the Tubby Toast and the Noo-Noo tidies up. Even the rabbits eat all the Tubby Toast outside. The Teletubbies love Tubby Toast.


  • In the original segment, Po is asleep in bed when the Tubby Toast flies everywhere. Whereas in the book, she is out walking with Dipsy.
  • In the original segment, the windmill stops spinning at the end of the segment. None of the books end with the windmill spinning. Instead the book ends with the Teletubbies standing outside eating Tubby Toast.