The flying toast

The Cover

The Flying Toast is a book based on the segment The Tubby Toast Accident and the episode Feeding The Chickens

Plot:One day in Teletubbyland,Laa Laa Felt like having Tubby Toast.Laa Laa pushed the button and waited for her toast to pop up. When it does,Laa Laa Smelt it.It smelled Delicious. Meanwhile,Tinky winky was out for a walk. He Smelt the Tubby Toast.He ran to the house to get some. But when Tinky Winky pressed the button, The Tubby Toaster made noises. A Few moments later, It was bursting out Tubby Toast.It Made Tubby Toast everywhere.Dipsy and po came and joined them for Tubby Toast that was all over the table like a mountain. Lots of tubby toast for everyone!!!!!Even the Rabbits and Noo-Noo!