"Look! What's that?"

The Cloud is a segment in Teletubbies. It occurred on the episode, Playing in the Rain and the VHS Tape Dance with the Teletubbies.


At a garden full of many hills, we see nothing for a few seconds until...

Dipsy decided to pop in and say "Eh-Oh!" to the audience. Then Laa-Laa pops in as well, saying "Eh-Oh!" Po decides to say "Eh-Oh!" too by popping in closer than both Dipsy and Laa-Laa. And not too far from the Teletubbies was Tinky-Winky, who said "Eh-Oh!" Po, Laa-Laa, and Dipsy turn around and giggle with Tinky-Winky until they turn back to the audience and suddenly pop back down. The Baby Sun giggles and wants to see what's next.

Suddenly, a cloud appears above them and the Teletubbies gasp in amazement. They then pop back up as they all turn around to see the cloud. An excited Dipsy tells them to look. Afterwards, they all turn back to the audience and "Ooohh!" in amazement, but they're also confused, asking "What's that?" They then turn back around and see the cloud one more time and turn back to the audience in silence.

They decide to look away from the cloud and to the right, when they see the Magic Windmill spinning. The Teletubbies say "Uh Oh!" and run away to the left, beginning the episode's TV Receiver Sequence.

Alternate Ending

In the Dance With the Teletubbies VHS, the segment ends with the Baby Sun replacing the Magic Windmill.


  • After the Teletubbies gaze at the Magic Windmill, the cloud is gone. The cloud might disappeared offscreen.