Teletubbies gangnam style

The Calypso Dance (also known as the Bouncy dance) is one of the dances that the Teletubbies do.


The Teletubbies are sitting on a flat hill. They see Laa-Laa's Ball bouncing over them, so they follow it to the Tubbytronic Superdome.

When they get to the front of the house they begin the dance. They walk to the left (their right/viewer' left) and then to the right (their left/viewer right). Then they walk from side to side. Then they walk in a line spreading out. They begin to walk around in circle and bounce around. Then they lift their legs up and down and shake their tummies. Then they walk in circles and bounce around again. Then just as the dance finishes, the Teletubbies walk to the side of the house bouncing around. They walk and bounce faster and faster until they are completely gone and the dance is over.

Episodes that it appears in

  • Spiders
  • Double Bass
  • Big Hug
  • Boots (US Version) - It's Time To Wear Your Boots


  • This dance apparently does have an extended version. YouTube user 'Multifunfunman' has been trying to find it, but unfortunately there has been no luck. The only proof that this extended version exists comes from this video 'Teletubbies - Glamorous' that shows just a few seconds of the beginning of the second half of the dance. It is apparently featured in the US version of Handshapes - Turkey.


Teletubbies The Calypso Dance

Teletubbies The Calypso Dance

Teletubbies- Glamorous

Teletubbies- Glamorous

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