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Teletubbies Deutsch Tanzen vor dem Erdhaus HQ

Teletubbies Deutsch Tanzen vor dem Erdhaus HQ

The Bumping Dance (also known as Bumps a Daisy) is the 9th of the dances that the Teletubbies do. It was first shown in the episode Numbers 9. The Teletubbies do this dance outside the Home Hill.

This Dance has an extended version.

This Dance starts with the Teletubbies running out of the house, they start walking right and left and then jumping around. Po runs over to Tinky Winky and they all start bumping tummies and bottoms. They all turn around with their bottoms together and then they start bumping bottoms. They all walk forward and then turn around and shake their bottoms and then they walk back again and shake
Bumping 2
their bottoms again, Laa Laa bumps Dipsy who bumps Po who bumps Tinky Winky and then Tinky Winky falls over. The Dance then ends with either the Teletubbies going back into the House or staying out to watch the Windmill, or if it's the extended version they will do the Dance again.

The Bumping Dance appears in some various episodes:

  • Numbers 9
  • Feeding the Sheep in Winter (extended version)
  • Naughty Duck (extended version)
  • Decorating Boxes
  • Making Music
  • Stick Insect
  • Monkeys
  • Favourite Things


  • In Naughty Duck, when the Teletubbies finish the dance they look up at the Windmill but the Tubby Bye Bye Voice Trumpet is heard instead of the Windmill.
  • In Decorating Boxes and Making Music The Birds Eye View animation which first appeared in Making Flowers is used instead. The Teletubbies go back inside, then this clip is shown and the Teletubbies go back outside.
  • In the US version of Feeding the Chickens, at the end of the dance the Teletubbies stay outside and the Windmill's sound is heard and the sparkles appear. The Teletubbies then look at the Windmill then turn back to the audience, say "Uh-Oh" and run off. Then the scene cuts the TV/Magical Event animation of the Windmill. The episode of Teletubbies from the United Kingdom with this scene still remains a mystery.
    The Rare Windmill Ending Clip (by markmontes)

    The Rare Windmill Ending Clip (by markmontes)