The Big Snowball is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in Christmas in Spain and in the VHS/DVD Teletubbies and the Snow (Christmas in the Snow).


The Teletubbies frolic and play in the snow. Tinky-Winky and Dipsy slowy walk on the snow to make footprints, then Po makes a "Po print" (which is the Teletubbies' version of a snow angel), and finally, Laa-Laa makes a snowball. She plays with it a little bit and shows it to the other Teletubbies, and they like it a lot. Laa-Laa likes it very much, too. She enjoyed it and loved it so much that she decided to give it a little hug, and then puts it back down to the ground. After a few seconds of it staying still, it starts to roll down the hill, go over the hills and roll on the paths. It grows bigger and bigger. Shortly after it takes a turn at one location, the Teletubbies chase it down the paths, but they are a bit too far away from it to catch it. The snowball keeps growing bigger and bigger and bigger while they chase it for a few miles. It goes onto an edge of a steep hill, turns around, and then chases the Teletubbies. It goes in a faster direction and they all head backtrack through the paths where they've actually chased it. They stop next to the a bunch of trees to watch it make its last run, and it rolls down the hill into the Home Hill while the Noo-Noo looks around. The snowball then crashes into him and it billows white, snowy smoke out the door when it's closing. In shock and excitement, the Teletubbies run inside their house, like the snowball did. They then find out that he was covered in snow, and it was on the floor, the ceiling and two parts of the wall. The Noo-Noo then decides he would tidy the mess up. After he finishes his short job to do it, they all happily give him a big hug. 

Alternate Ending

In the UK Version of the Teletubbies and the Snow VHS/DVD, the TV Reciever event replaces Tubby Bye-Bye. To add this, when the Windmill begins spinning while the House is shown from the outside while the Teletubbies have a big hug, there are no sparkles surrounding the Windmill, therefore making this animation rare.


  • When the snowball rolls into the Tubbytronic Superdome, the Windmill isn't seen on top of the hill behind it.