The Bear performing her "Joke"

The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair

The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair is the main character in The Lion And Bear Sketch. She is shown to be a protagonist due to the fact she hides from The Scary Lion, (with Big, Scary Teeth) and she runs away from him during the chase scene at the end of the sketch.

She is shown to have a sense of humour as her joke made the Teletubbies laugh. But it is often thought of as very scary by most Teletubby Fans due to the noise and the eyes rolling around and her tongue sticking out.

She is known to be quite taunting and eerie due to the first two lines she says "I'm The Bear, I'm The Bear, And I'm Coming!" In the original sketch she speaks in a very haunting and very sinister voice offscreen and almost scared away the Teletubbies, despite dropping it when onscreen she is shown to have a very scary sound. In the edited sketch she retains a much more silly joker-like personality.

The Bear is known to be funnier than the Scary Lion due to her joke. She speaks in a posh, Queen's English accent found in London or Buckinghamshire (not a Cockney accent!). She loves playing hide and seek and she hides and the lion seeks (seek means find) and then they play chase around Teletubbyland. She is from Regent's Park in London, the capital of both England and the United Kingdom. She is voiced by Penelope Keith.

Who's The Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair?

The Bear constantly repeats "I'm The Bear, I'm the Bear With Brown Fuzzy Hair" although she has no visible hair. Maybe the producers left out the idea of hair whilst creating the character or maybe they forgot to put hair on the Bear. She appears to have brown fur on herself.

The Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair is portrayed as Female. However, in some of the foreign dubs, the Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair is portrayed as Male. It is unknown why. The Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair is a brown mechanical wooden bear, with green eyes, big ears, long uncanny arms, small and short hands with claws, long legs, small and long feet with claws, a black nose, and a sort of smile on her face. She rides on a red skateboard like object which she is strapped to (if you look closely you can see pink straps holding her in place on the skateboard thing).


Appearance: Brown bear. Wooden, brown body with green eyes, big ears, a small black, round nose, a mechanical mouth, large arms, round hands, long, thin legs, long, small feet, red skateboard, white claws.

Friends: Scary Lion (with Big Scary Teeth), Teletubbies.

Gender: Female (Male in some other languages, see list below)

Hobbies: Playing her Joke, Playing hide and seek with the Lion.

List of Languages with Gender Differences(Note: List is incomplete)

Other than having a different gender. The Bear has been given many different types of voices in foreign dubs of the sketch.


  • English
  • German - The German Bear speaks in a deep and scary voice. Then when the chase starts, her voice gets more higher.
  • Dutch - The Dutch Bear speaks in a deep and very sneaky sounding voice. Then when the chase starts, her voice gets higher.
  • Polish - The Polish Bear has a very jolly feminine voice.
  • Czech - The Czech Bear has a quite deep and slightly creepy voice.
  • Finnish - The Finnish Bear speaks with a Caribbean sounding accent and has a slightly jolly voice.
  • Flemish - The Flemish Bear has a slightly deep and very creepy voice.
  • Arabic - The Arabic Bear has a very high and jolly feminine voice.
  • Swedish - The Swedish Bear speaks in a deep and slightly creepy voice. Then when the chase starts, her voice gets higher.


  • French - The French Bear speaks in a fun jolly voice.
  • Italian - The Italian Bear sounds like a jolly old man.
  • Brazilian - The Brazilian Bear speaks in a less scary sounding voice. Then when the chase starts, the voice gets higher.
  • Lithuanian - The Lithuanian Bear speaks in a very deep and boring voice.
  • Chinese - The Chinese Bear has a very changeable voice. At the beginning of the sketch off screen, the voice is very wimpy, then onscreen it changes to more jolly. Then when the chase starts, the voice gets more higher.
  • Japanese - The Japanese Bear speaks in a mischievous and fun sounding voice.
  • Hebrew - The Hebrew Bear speaks in a jolly voice.
  • Vietnamese
  • Icelandic - The Icelandic Bear speaks in a deep, creepy and boring voice.
  • Slovak - The Slovak Bear speaks in a deep and scary sounding voice. Not only that, but at the beginning of the sketch just as the Teletubbies say 'Uh-Oh' the Bear growls in an unsettling manner before speaking and then again just as the Teletubbies are sitting on the hill.
  • Croatian - The Croation Bear's voice starts off screen as loud and brave sounding, then on screen, the voice gets a little bit quieter and nervous sounding. Interesting fact: the voice actor for the Croation Bear is the also the voice actor for Croation Dipsy and Little Bo Peep. It's more noticeable towards the end of the sketch.


  • Turkish - In the Turkish dub of See-Saw, the Bear is female. She speaks in a less creepy sounding voice than most of the other foreign voices. But then for some reason in Dirty Dog, the Bear is male. The male voice is deep and creepy sounding.

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