Teletubbies is a UK TV show created by Ragdoll Productions and co-created by the BBC. It was aimed at children 1-5.

Teletubbies has been broadcast in many different countries, thus involving a foreign title.

  • Teletūbiji –Latvian title
  • テレタビーズ (Teretabīzu) –Japanese title (Katakana)
  • 꼬꼬마 텔레토비 (Kkokkoma Telretobi) –Korean title
  • Teletabiai –Lithuanian title
  • Los Teletubbies (pronounced [teleˈtubis]) –Latin American title
  • ടെലിറ്റബ്ബീസ (Ṭeliṟṟabbīsa) –Malayalam title
  • Teletubbiene –Norwegian title
  • Teletubisie –Polish title
  • Телепузики (Telepuziki) –Russian title
  • Telebajski –Slovenian title
  • Телетабиси (Teletabisi) –Serbian Cyrillic title
  • Teletabiler –Turkish title
  • Teledo'mboqlar –Uzbek title
  • டெலிடபீசு (Ṭeliṭapīcu) –Tamil title
  • เทเลทับบีส์ (The le thạb bīes) –Thai title
  • Teletybis –Welsh title

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