Teletubbies - Go and Let's Dance43:43

Teletubbies - Go and Let's Dance

Teletubbies Go! and Let's Dance are two fun Teletubbies activities about exercising and dancing.

UK Cover

Go! - A fun 20 minute exercising video that features loads of tiny clips from Teletubbies combined of them doing different exercises. Voice Trumpets rise up and say 'Ready Steady Go!' when it's time to begin.

Let's Dance - A small 10 minute video featuring 4 of the Teletubbies favourite dances.


  • Introduction: Ready Steady Go!
  • Stretch Up High
  • Up and Down
  • Jumping
  • Side to Side
  • Stand Up Sit Down
  • Standing on one leg                                   
  • Jumping 2
  • Teletubbies walk
  • Tinky Winky Loves Marching                       
  • Dipsy Loves Dancing
  • Laa Laa Loves Skipping
  • Po Loves Crawling
  • Jumping 3
  • Teletubbies Go to Sleep

Let's Dance

  • Tubby Conga
  • Tip Toe Dance
  • Jumping Dance (on the path)
  • Happy Dance
  • Stamping and Stepping Dance


In Go!, at the end of the episode, it is show the sun without the credits, also the nighttime sky stays for a few seconds than it's usualy is.

In Let's Dance , when the Teletubbies have Tubby Bye Bye , they play their little game of "Boo" twice, Laa Laa first pops up to say Boo and then they do it again and Tinky Winky pops up to say Boo.

This is the only Video that doesn't have videos of children from the Teletubbies tummies.

Laa Laa and Tinky Winky were the boo shouters

In Go!, Po was the missing teletubby

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