Colors are the things the Teletubbies like. Each of the Teletubbies have their own favorite colors. Tinky Winky's favorite colors are cherry red (like the color of his bag), sky blue (like the color of the sky) and purple (like the color of his fur), Dipsy's favorite colors are green (like the color of his fur), white (like the color of his hat) and black (also like the color of his hat), Laa-Laa's favorite colors are white (like the color of the snow), light purple (like the color of the lilacs), pink (like the color of ther tutu), yellow (like the color of her fur) and orange (like the color of her ball) and Po's favorite colors are red (like the color of her fur), bright pink (like the color of her scooter) and royal blue (also like the color of her scooter).

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