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Teletubbies Classics: Fan Favorites is a Teletubbies video that was released on May 23, 2017 for the 20th anniversary of the series. It features a total of 20 episodes of the classic series on 3 discs.


Disc 1:

  1. Drawing Cacti
  2. Café Chocolate
  3. My Mum's a Doctor
  4. Dirty Dog
  5. Naughty Bee
  6. Numbers - 4
  7. Ice Skating

Disc 2:

  1. Going on a Train
  2. Washing Up
  3. Christmas Tree
  4. Crackers
  5. Snowy Story
  6. Samira's Gymnastics
  7. Football

Disc 3:

  1. Washing the Elephant
  2. Ball Games With Debbie
  3. Ladybird
  4. Animal Rhythms
  5. Jack and The Beanstalk
  6. Action Story


This is the first Teletubbies DVD to feature a few things

1. The first DVD to feature the UK narration

2. The first US DVD to feature the Lion and Bear.

3. The is the first DVD since Animal Friends to feature the original 1997-2001 series of Teletubbies.

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