Teletubbies Advent Calenders is a short series that aired on CBBC from December 1st to Christmas Day 1999. It was usually shown just before an episode of Teletubbies was shown. It later became a special feature on the Teletubbies and the Snow (Limited Edition) DVD.


A Magic Door with a number on it (the date) appears (sometimes it is already in place). In each door, a Teletubby discovers an advent calendar (all the Teletubbies find the last two doors on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day), wondering what it is until they see a doorknob, so the Teletubbies pull it to open the calendar. In each calendar, a short clip from a random episode or home video plays, and the Teletubby(s) watches it.

Calendar Doors


Teletubbies- All 25 Advent Calendar Shorts!

Teletubbies- All 25 Advent Calendar Shorts!