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Teletubbies: My First App was an app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for Children Aged 1-4. This is a great App for young toddlers, they can interact and have fun with the Teletubbies. In 2015, the app was removed from the App Store.

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The Menu has four Sections

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  3. Extras
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Activities in this Application

There are five fun activities in this App

  1. Hello (Time for Teletubbies)
  2. Playing Outside
  3. Favourite Things
  4. Tubby Custard
  5. Time for Tubby Bye-Bye

Featuring original music and voices from the Television series. To exit the activities there are two "X's" in the top left and right corners of the screen to tap.


This activity is like the intro to the Television series. The Baby Sun rises, the house zooms in and the Female Narrator (Toyah Wilcox) says "Over the Hills and Far Away, Teletubbies come to Play". A Teletubby's ariel can be seen popping up at the hole on top of the house. Tap the screen and the Teletubbies will pop up in this order: "Tinky Winky, Po, Laa-Laa, Dipsy". The Teletubbies Logo appears on screen and the activity ends.

Tubby Custard

The Teletubbies arrive into the house; the Narrator (Tim Withnall) says "It was time for Tubby Custard." (Backround Music: Happy Dance), a Teletubby will go to the Tubby Custard Machine, Tap the Tubby Custard Machine to turn it on and to make Tubby Custard, You can make a mess if you keep tapping the Tubby Custard Machine, then the Noo-Noo will come and tidy Up. The teletubby will bring their Tubby Custard to the Tubby Table and then you can choose another Teletubby. Sometimes if you tap a Teletubby, the Teletubby that just made Tubby Custard will give that Teletubby their bowl and go make another bowl. When all the Teletubbies have their Tubby Custard they will start to eat it. When they're finished they will say "Again-Again!" or the activity will end.

Playing Outside

The Teletubbies march in front of the House, the Narrator says "It's was time for the Teletubbies to play outside. The Teletubbies ran around Teletubbyland" (Backround Music: Walking Dance), Tap the Teletubbies and will "Run, March or Walk" they then stop and march, Tap the Teletubbies and can "Jump, Bump Tummies, Dance, Fall Over" if you sway your finger across the screen the Teletubbies will go faster. When the activity is over the Teletubbies will have a Big Hug.

Favourite Things

The Narrator says the Teletubbies went looking for their favourite Things (Backround Music: Happy Dance). Each Teletubby comes on screen with the Windmill, their favourite Thing and two other objects. Some objects can be dragged across the screen.

Po starts the activity with the Magic Windmill, the Watering Can, the Talking Flowers and her Scooter. The Watering Can can be dragged over to the Flowers. Po's Scooter can be dragged along the Screen.

Tinky Winky has the Windmill, but also the Drum, Scary Lion and his Bag. Scary Lion can be dragged along the Screen and he can roar if you Tap him twice (His line "I am the Scary Lion with Big Scary Teeth, I'm Scary on the Top and I'm Scary Underneath" is spoken by the Narrator).

Laa-Laa has the Windmill, but also Little Lamb, the Flag and her Ball. The Sheep can be dragged along the Screen.

Dipsy has the Windmill, but also the Guitar, Bear and his Hat. Bear can be dragged along the Screen (Her line "I'm the Bear, I'm the Bear with Brown Fuzzy Hair , I'll go running over here and I'll go running over there" is spoken by the Narrator)

All the Teletubbies have a Big Hug at the end of the activity.

Tubby Bye Bye

The Tubby Bye-Bye Voice Trumpet rises and says "Time for Tubby Bye-Bye" . All the Teletubbies are behind the hills like in the Television Series. The Narrator says "Bye-Bye." to each Teletubby. Tap the Teletubbies for them to say "Bye-Bye!" and duck down the Hill, then they pop up laughing and say "Bye-Bye!" one more time. The Baby Sun sets while the Tubby Bye-Bye Tune plays.


  • This is the only Teletubbies Video Game not to have any TV Events.
  • The Lion and Bear appear in the Favourite Things game. The Lion can be seen in Tinky Winky's part and the Bear can be seen in Dipsy's part. The Narrator recites their lines if you tap them (if you tap the Lion twice, he will roar). They can also be dragged across the screen if you sway your swinger left and right.