The Teletubbies are discovering colors all over Teletubbyland. Watch as Po sings a red song, Dipsy plays a ''Can You See'' game with lots of different colorful things, Tinky Winky discovers a yellow cloud, a purple flower, & a black and white cloud, Laa-Laa plays with her orange ball, The Teletubbies play a color game, watch an animal parade, and a very special rainbow. Not only do the Teletubbies loves Green, Green Dipsy, and all of the colors, but the Teletubbies love each other very much.

Segment Order:

  1. Teletubbies Intro (Tinky Winky is the missing teletubby)
  2. Po's Song Of Red (From Colors: Red)
  3. TV Event: Colors: Red (Dipsy is the chosen one)
  4. Can You See? (From The Rockpool)
  5. TV Event: Colors: Blue (Laa-Laa is the chosen one)
  6. Tinky Winky's Yellow Cloud (From Colors: Yellow)
  7. TV Event: Colors: Yellow (Laa-Laa is the chosen one again)
  8. Everyone Loves Green, Green Dipsy (From Colors: Green)
  9. TV Event: Colors: Green (Tinky Winky is the chosen one again)
  10. The Purple Flower (From Colors: Purple)
  11. TV Event: Colors: Purple (Dipsy is the chosen one again)
  12. Laa-Laa's Orange Ball (From Colors: Orange)
  13. TV Event: Colors: Orange (Po is the chosen one)
  14. What Color Is Tubby Custard? (From Afro-Caribbean Vegetables)
  15. TV Event: Colors: Pink (Laa-Laa is the chosen one again)
  16. Magical Event: The Animal Parade
  17. TV Event: Colors: Brown (Po is the chosen one again)
  18. The Black And White Cloud (From Colors: Black)
  19. TV Event: Colors: Black (Laa-Laa is the chosen one for the last time)
  20. The Gold And Silver Tree (From Gold And Silver & Magical Surprises)
  21. TV Event: Gold And Silver (Po is the chosen one for the last time)
  22. The Rainbow (From Pavement Artist, Happy Weather Stories & Let's Learn English With The Teletubbies: Colors)
  23. Time For Tubby Bye-Bye (Dipsy is the boo shouter)

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