The Talking Flowers are the objects in Teletubbyland that grow into twos and threes and can speak. They usually comment on the Teletubbies activities. They speak in very high-pitched female English accents.

The Talking Flowers are yet to make an appearance in the 2015 series.



Lovely water!

Look at that!


Well done!

Very clever indeed!


Aaagh! A spider!

It's only a toy.

It disappeared!

I say, we haven't got it.

I say, there's no hat here.

I say, we don't even like scooters.

What is that.

Ooh, look!

Oh, how silly!

I thought everything was covered in snow.

How delightful!

How picturesque!

How lovely!

Oh, whatever can it be?

This is exciting!

Ooh, did you see that?

Ooh, how awful!

How very silly!


Hurry up then!

What a funny smell.

Not as nice as us!

Merry Christmas!

High Pitched

How Dangerous!

Green Green Grass!

Green Green Trees!

A Spider!

We Don't Even Like Scooters!

Hew What's That!

Funny Thing!

What The Pretty Thing!

Hew Look at That!



A Spider!

Teletubbies 08

Laa-Laa with some of the Talking Flowers.


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