Swapping Favourite Things is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Kathak Dancing and the VHS/DVD What's That?.


One day in Teletubbyland, all the Teletubbies have their favourite things. When the Teletubbies come into the house, their favourite things are mixed up. Tinky-Winky has Laa Laa's ball. Dipsy has Po's scooter. Laa-Laa has Tinky Winky's bag. And Po has Dipsy's hat.

The Teletubbies swap their favourite things around. Tinky-Winky gives Dipsy the ball and Dipsy gives Tinky-Winky the scooter.Then, Dipsy gives Laa-Laa the ball and Laa-Laa gives Dipsy the bag. Laa-Laa is very happy to have her ball back. Then, Dipsy gives Tinky-Winky the bag and Tinky-Winky gives Dipsy the scooter. Tinky-Winky is very happy to have his bag back. Then, Dipsy gives Laa-Laa the scooter and Laa-Laa gives Dipsy the ball. Then, Laa-Laa gives Po the scooter. Po now has her scooter back. But now Laa-Laa has no favourite thing. Laa-Laa takes back her ball from Dipsy. Now Dipsy has no favourite thing. Po passes the hat to Dipsy. Dipsy walks over to Po and takes off the hat from her. Dipsy puts his hat on.

All the Teletubbies are very happy to have their favourite things back. The Teletubbies happily play with their favourite things. Tinky-Winky marches with his bag. Dipsy dances wearing his hat. Laa-Laa plays with her ball. Po rides her scooter. Teletubbies love their favourite things, and Teletubbies love each other very much. They set their favourite things down and have a big hug.