Swapping Favorite Things is a Teletubbies segment. It appeared in the episode Kathak Dancing and the VHS/DVD What's That?.


One day in Teletubbyland, all the Teletubbies had their favorite things. When the Teletubbies came in their favorite things were mixed up. Tinky-Winky had the ball, which was originally Laa-Laa's favorite thing . Dipsy had the scooter, which was originally Po's favorite thing. Laa-Laa had the bag, which was originally Tinky-Winky's favorite thing. And Po had the hat, which was originally Dipsy's favorite thing. But Tinky-Winky wanted the bag from Laa-Laa, Dipsy wanted the hat from Po, Laa-Laa wanted the ball from Tinky-Winky and Po wanted the scooter from Dipsy. So the Teletubbies swapped their favorite things around. Tinky-Winky gave Dipsy the ball and Dipsy gave Tinky-Winky the scooter. So they swapped the ball and the scooter. They both thanked each other. Dipsy gave Laa-Laa the ball and Laa-Laa gave Dipsy the bag. They swapped the ball and the bag. Laa-Laa was very happy to have her ball back. And they both thanked each other. Dipsy gave Tinky-Winky the bag and Tinky-Winky gave Dipsy the scooter. They swapped the bag and the scooter. Tinky-Winky was very happy to have his bag back. They both thanked each other. Dipsy gave Laa-Laa the scooter and Laa-Laa gave Dipsy the ball. They swapped the scooter and the ball. They both thanked each other. Laa-Laa gave Po the scooter. Po thanked Laa-Laa for the scooter. But now Laa-Laa has no favorite thing. Laa-Laa took back her ball. Dipsy handed back her ball. She thanks him for the ball. Now Dipsy has no favorite thing. And Po passed the hat to Dipsy. Dipsy walked over to Po and took off the hat from her. They both thanked each other. Dipsy puts his hat down on the floor and puts it on with his head. All the Teletubbies were very happy to have their favorite things back. The Teletubbies spread out so they can play with their favorite things. Tinky-Winky was by the door marching with his bag. Dipsy was by the table wearing his hat. Laa-Laa was by the control panel playing with her ball. Po was by the tubby toaster riding her scooter. Teletubbies love their favorite things. And Teletubbies love each other very much. They set their favorite things down and have a big hug.

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