The Teletubbies play a round and round game with a Voice Trumpet, then the Magic Windmill spins from the Start Spinning animation and the Teletubbies watch some children playing Stop and Go. The Teletubbies are giggling and they were playing a Ready Steady Go game by running, jumping, crawling and walking backwards They then played the Ready Steady Go game anyway they wanted to.

Featuring: The Children and Staff of The African Caribbean Project, Leamington Spa


  • There is a rare opening shot at the beginning of the Round and Round game segment.
  • This episode also includes A rare animation of the windmill.
  • Po was the boo shouter.
  • Dipsy was the missing teletubby.

Watch Episode

Teletubbies Full Episode - Stop and Go Series 4, Episode 9524:26

Teletubbies Full Episode - Stop and Go Series 4, Episode 95

HD Video (English, UK Only)

Teletabisi 3 sinhronizirani STANI KRENI14:55

Teletabisi 3 sinhronizirani STANI KRENI


Teletubbies- Stop & Go (1997) (READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING)24:27


For those outside of UK.

Teletabiai - 90 serija (LT)24:28

Teletabiai - 90 serija (LT)


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